Skill Set

Enjoys Graphic Design
User Interface; Logo; Look & Feel, Marketing and Promotional Layout; Typography and Color Theory

with designers, programmers & account/project managers in sites with .php, .asp, .aspx and .shtml

Organize & Appreciate Process
sitemap & wire frame

Digs into Front End
Photoshop & Illustrator • • • • •
Hand Code HTML & CSS • • • • •
Javascript, DHTML & AJAX • •
Flash animation • • •
Flash actionscripting
3D Max Fundamentals º
SharePoint Web Designer Role • • • •
Vignette Content Manager Role
Skill & comfort level
Beginner º • • • • • Expert
Photography + Illustration

Web, Print and Office Software
Photoshop, Illustrator, BBEdit, CSSEdit, Dreamweaver, CuteFTP, Transmit FTP, Flash, 3D Max, Microsoft Office: Powerpoint, Word, Excel, FrontPage, SharePoint; working knowledge InDesign

Mac OS X and Windows


I enjoy designing and illustrating, especially for the web. is my online design portfolio. I like to communicate visually, to effectively get the message across intuitively, through understanding and organization.
Creative inclination
As a kid, I've been attracted to drawing, typography and design. Since 1996, I worked in different aspects of the creative industry -- around the halls of an advertising firm (traffic intern in print department), inside a production backroom of a sports photography agency (post-production activities, including imprinting) and in a couple cubicles, open-spaces and remotely at home (doing graphic web related projects).

I appreciate detail and acknowledge the importance of the overall outcome.
I've designed with/for
I've worked on projects, with their clients small & large, from mom & pop shops to a couple fortune 500 companies, within an interactive agency, online business directory, in-house and in a consultant capacity. At the agency, I designed look and feel comps and hand-coded html/css, within a team setting, working alongside programmers and other designers for major web site development.

Learn more about the types of customers/clients I've worked with and how I contributed to their projects in Customers/Clients & Projects.

See a couple of awards and honors received below.
I enjoy technology and visual design/arts, finding inspiration from my surroundings, family and friends. Although, I'm still excited with learning other mediums, pen on paper still remains my favorite.

New technology allows us to express ourselves, literally at the our finger tips.
Life outside the design & web
I enjoy eating good eats, keeping active, staying creative, thinking of far off places, keeping mindful of balance (fan of slow movement) and dancing.

My hometown's Norwalk, California, about thirty minutes from Orange County, Los Angeles and Long Beach.

Awards & Honors

6.2011 "17th Annual Communicator Award of Distinction" winner
presented by International Academy of the Visual Arts
for, in the Interactive Website: Self Promotion category
Role: Creative + Technical Designer

11.2005 "Exceptional Customer Service recognition"
for creating a Pleasurable experience for our customers.
Role: Web Design Specialist at Verizon

10.2005 "Best Customer Service 3rd Quarter"
for Call Assessment Score 91.10
Role: Web Design Specialist at Verizon

2004 "Outstanding Web Site"
for by National Association of Sports Commissions (NASC)
Role: Art Director, establish site's look

WebAwards by The Web Marketing Association
"Outstanding Achievement in Web development"
- for - Role: Designer

- for - Role: Art Director
- for - Role: Designer

"Best Travel Website"
- for - Role: Designer

1999 "Award of Excellence: The Most Professional Graphic Design Student with the Best Overall Visual and Verbal Presentation of their Portfolio"
sponsored by PeachPit Press The Best Attitude and Professionalism in graduating class by Platt College

1996 Spring, won student contest to design "USC's School of Fine Arts Student Art Exhibit Centennial Announcement".
Announcement sent to students, alumni and friends of S.O.F.A.
call me: 562-645-3435 \ email:
norwalk, ca. resume  
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