elainenimo visuals wins a 17th Annual Communicator Award of Distinction for my online portfolio, in the Websites - Self Promotion category. I'm super stoked!!!

2012 UPDATE designing, designing + designing and finding inspiration in the moment.
title Pleasant Holidays® Hawaiian Vacation Packages (2003)
client Pleasant Holidays®
type Internet Marketing Campaign: Ad Banners
project role (Art Direction/Build) Established look & feel and built animated gif templates
title WPT Web Site Redesign (2007)
client Water & Power Technologies, Inc., WPT
type Website Redesign
project role (Project Management, Information Architecture, Art Direction, Flash Design + Build and HTML/CSS) Took care of in-house customer's external facing online presence, branding and technology needs.
title elainenimo visuals Redesign (Fall 2010)
client me
type Portfolio Web Site
project role (Art Direction/ UI Design / Build ) Establish look & feel. Establish user experience + Build [HTML & CSS] (incorporating available DHTML + AJAX)
title Joshua "Puzzle Boy" Super Hero (2010)
for nephew
type Digitally Hand-Drawn Puzzle Scene
project role (Illustration) Combining Joshua's favorites, super heroes and puzzles, did an illustration for a custom puzzle.
title Cal Spas (Spring 2007)
client Cal Spas, Inc.
type Web Site Redesign
project role (Art Direction) Establish look and feel compositions, based on client's wire frames.

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